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About Easy Web Host

The Easy Web Host Information Service Shows You How To Easily Understand Website Hosting Essentials

Why do you need a web host? What is it? What does it do for you? Unless you are experienced at working online those questions could be confusing. Even if you have a reasonable idea of what they mean you might not know much of the detail because it is a complex subject.

When you want your own website you will need an easy web host service. If you have a website online now then you will already have a web hosting supplier. That is the only way your website will be seen by anybody. Even you, the website owner, will not see it unless it is hosted for you by somebody offering a web host facility.

More correctly it is referred to as website hosting or web pages hosting but it gets shortened to web hosting.

This easy web host site will help you to understand the basics of web hosting and some of the more advanced aspects. Here you will learn enough about web hosting to find your way around this technical subject that so many people know very little about and often are confused by it.

What does a web host do?

Let's start with a quick look at what your hosting does for you.

To give you a reliable service the top hosts operate from high security buildings full of high technology equipment. That equipment includes web servers, environment control, fibre optic connections to the world wide web, testing and monitoring facilities plus much more.

All that high technology and security is in place to give you somewhere to store your web pages in a way that they can be managed by you and made available to people searching the world wide web.

Many people thinking of getting their first website do not realise their pages will not mysteriously arrive online direct from their own computer on their office desk. It comes as a surprise when they discover how it all happens.

Obviously you will produce your pages on your own computer but from there you must send them online to your hosting supplier. To do that you must start by getting your web hosting account set up.

Your host will give you an amount of space on a server so that your web pages can be stored there. Many small web site owners and a lot of the bigger companies with substantial websites do not know anything further about the service they are using. It is not necessary but to get the best out of it you really should learn something about the hosting process.

What is a server?

A server is a special computer that stores vast quantities of data in a way that it can be accessed by various people. Apart from the website owners such as yourself there are also the data centre staff who will be responsible for maintaining the efficient performance of the servers.

Website servers also have connections to the world wide web usually through fibre optic cables for the very best hosts. Installed on the server are programs that you will access to maintain the optimum performance of your web pages. Those programs are usually supplied as part of the service you pay for when you sign up for an account to host your website.

The better web hosts give you free use of many programs that some hosts make extra charges for.

What should your web host do for you?

The web host company you use should be chosen because of what it can do for you and your web business. It should never be chosen simply on price. Low cost hosting frequently leads to problems when the hosting company cannot afford to keep its servers and software up to date.

Paying a proper fee for your hosting service also gives other benefits. Not least of which is that such providers can be thought of as easy web host suppliers. They take away the operational difficulties found at other hosts.

For example, their support is professional, fast and efficient. Every user will need support to undertake the procedures that are impossible to understand until you have gained sufficient experience. If your site goes down you want it up again as fast as possible. You do not want to be offline for hours or even days.

Some benefits are not so obvious but are vitally important to running a successful website. Low cost or free services generally do not use fibre optic connections and that causes your pages to be slow in loading. That has the problem of how the site visitor reacts to your website. Internet research tells us that people tend to move on and look for another site rather than wait more than a few seconds.

Web tools from your easy web host

Many of the benefits you get from a good service are behind the scenes and in general you are never conscious of them. Benefits you see up front are more likely to be web tools, products and services.

The really good easy web host companies will give you free use of an inbuilt autoresponder rather than expecting you to find one somewhere else on the internet. That avoids not just the extra cost that can be substantial but also the extra work in using two accounts.

If your website is for business purposes then you must have an autoresponder. It is the most efficient route to making money online. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers and gives you sales opportunities that no other web tool can provide.

Some web hosts give you an easy website builder. That sounds good and it is - provided you know which builder to use. If your host gives you their own proprietary builder it will probably not be the right choice for you. It can be very restricting and if you want to move to another web host company then you will lose your web pages.

An easy web host should do just that; make it easy for you to build a long term website that will grow with your internet development and needs for years to come. Today, that generally means you need an easy website builder that allows you to install the well known WordPress platform.

You should also find programs on the server to manage your website. That typically will include a good program such as cPanel which makes your work a lot easier.

Does your web host teach you how to use the servers and web tools? Some simply provide a few video instructions or pdf download documents but at least one has its own teaching academy covering not just web hosting but also how to set up and run a successful online business. Obviously they really do want you to make money online with their hosting facilities.

Easy web hosting will include many things too numerous to mention here but just one more item that you should always be aware of is the facility to expand your hosting needs as your website grows. The last thing you need is to outgrow the service and have to find another supplier.

Finding the perfect web host

Although it might appear to be a daunting task finding the right web host does not have to be a major problem for you. Stay away from free and low cost services unless they are being offered to you from a well recognised and reputable host, assuming you know which they are.

Take a look at their own websites and see what they offer compared to what you have learned from this page. You could look at some of the host ranking websites but that can be a false guide as sometimes those website can be biased in their recommendations and very few actually describe in detail what each supplier gives to you.

You could go to the very well known companies but some of those are now starting to give deteriorating services as malicious hackers are finding ways to cause problems. Over recent months some of those problems have been reported on news sites.

Getting a recommendation from another user might be a good idea provided they are expert in their own knowledge and actual use of web hosting. Unfortunately many people who think they are experts have very little real experience and knowledge and might have only one small hobby site. If you want a good online business website their experience might not suit your requirements.

In the end it is up to you. You must do your own research and make your own decision.

If it helps, this website is hosted on a medium size host service but one that is rapidly attracting new customers through its first class reputation. It has been our easy web host of choice for many years after experiencing poor service at previous hosts. This site, http://www.easy-web-host.net/ is not hosted on one of the very big companies but enjoys a very successful relationship with our mid-size supplier.

What to do next to get your website hosted

Now that you have some idea of what web hosting is and why you should choose your supplier carefully you can make it easy for yourself and take a look at this easy web host where we have our website hosted. They give you all that you have read about on this page plus a lot more you can read about on their own site.