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Cheap Web Hosting

What is cheap web hosting and when should you use it?

To fully understand what cheap web hosting entails you must also define the circumstances of why it is being used and what alternatives there might be.

Obviously many people choose to use it in the belief that it will save them money.  They simply go ahead without knowing what they are going to get and how it will  affect their online experience.  That includes the success or failure of their online project.

So, the most obvious reason is to save money.  In fact there probably is no other reason to make that choice.  Cheap host services are there for that one reason   and they use peoples’ need to save money as the main attraction in their advertising.

Certainly nobody wants to pay more for any type of service than the lowest cost  they can find.  However, a cheap host service is not necessarily the same as a low cost one.  The two types probably appear to be the same thing until you look carefully at what they do for you.

Even the biggest hosts offer low cost web hosting services when you know how to get them.  What they do not offer is cheap hosting which is explained later on this page.

Compare web hosting companies

As stated earlier cheap hosting is only aimed at getting the lowest price.  On the other hand a low cost supplier might result in better saving of money than a cheap one even when the apparent price tag appears to be higher.

Initially that might appear to be a strange comment.  How can a low cost supplier charging higher rates than a cheap supplier save you even more money?  Let me explain.

A cheap hosting web service does all it can to cut costs.  Those web hosts impose limits on what they provide to customers.  That’s alright if the websites hosted there are not important to their owners.  That would include hobby sites and personal ones for family use.  Those sites are not used for commercial reasons.  They can live with the risks of a cheap web host.

What about any sites you have that are for business purposes?  Would you be happy if they were offline for a day or two?  What damage would it do to your income if they were hacked into by a malicious criminal?  Those things happen, as do many other problems.

Even the best web hosting suppliers have to be vigilant but they have the means to keep on top of the potential problems and generally avoid them happening.  Doing so costs them money.  They need to keep up to date with both hardware and server software in a way that cheap hosts cannot afford.

Low cost hosting is another thing.  It is priced to enable hosts to keep up to date whilst offering good, value for money, low cost hosting that competes with the best available services for most website owners.

Choosing web hosting companies for real value

Around the world there are many thousands of web host companies.  It would be impossible to review all of them but this easy web host site has compared the better known hosts plus some of the cheap ones.  Our experience shows us there are many hosts giving low cost services that are reliable and well worth using.

We also know there are many more offering cheap and sometimes even a free web hosting service.  Every year a lot of them go offline and disappear.  Others come along to take their place.

For our own hosting needs we would be happy to choose any of the top ten companies all of which have a range of price structures including special low cost starter accounts.  Our actual requirements are too big and complex for such accounts and we pay considerably higher fees but averaged out over all our web pages we get great value for money.  Our webhost costs us less per website than many cheap hosts will charge.

Many website owners need help with getting their pages online and then continuing to build their internet business.  The best web site hosting facilities help their customers to do that.  In effect they combine web hosting and design services into one account.  They provide most of the web tools you will ever need to manage your web pages and give your viewers a reliable experience.

Cheap web hosting companies cannot afford to give you that level of support.  That will see you learning some of the complex processes and coding you will require and buying tools or services from other suppliers.

So, returning to the page title; when should you use cheap web site hosting?  Experienced website owners never use it.  They prefer low cost web hosting packages.  You can take a look at one supplier below this article.

The choice is up to you.  We hope the information we have given you about website hosting services will help in making the right choice of host for your valuable website pages.